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The Search Engine Journal Show

Mar 10, 2023

When two search experts come together, they will likely discuss various SEO and digital marketing topics. 


These discussions can cover everything from the latest trends and strategies to industry news and best practices.


Barry Schwartz, CEO of Rusty Brick and Founder of Search Engine Roundtable, joined me on the SEJ Show to discuss SEO, business, the search landscape, and even hair products. It was legendary!


Most of the world these days wants to see a five-second TikTok or YouTube short, and they don't have the patience to go ahead and read something. I think that might be scaring not just advertisers, SEOs, and marketers but Google and Microsoft search ad revenue models and seeing how they can get people to click on those things. This should be interesting. –Barry Schwartz, 17:19 

I'm usually very consistent. I'm the type of person who will do something and never stop doing it for better or worse. And it's just the way I like to be. Have a nice routine where I do certain things in a particular order. And I'm passionate about tracking what's changing, so if you let things go more than 24 hours, it just gets worse, piles up, and you get behind. So I like to stay on top of it, and honestly, helping the community in my little way makes it all worth it. –Barry Schwartz, 5:22

I try to cover publicly available stuff that anybody else could access without a password. So that's my rule, it has to be publicly available, and Twitter is a great place where most things are publicly known unless their profiles are limited. –Barry Schwartz, 9:53


[00:00] - About Barry.

[04:46] - What has kept Barry going over the past 20 years?

[09:28] - SEO forums that people should participate in today.

[17:46] - What should the KPIs be behind SEO now with AI here?

[19:13] - Will a new search engine now emerge over Google?

[25:22] - Biggest regret in blogging.

[28:54] - Topic Barry wished he could cover.

[32:46] - Barry vs. Google's announcement to take down sponsored links.

[38:15] - Is having a Google Plus share button on your blog a ranking factor?

[40:45] - How important is it to have fast site core web vitals?

[51:15] - How to boost authority & rank higher.

[59:42] - How fulfilling has it been to use Roundtable from a religious standpoint?


Resources mentioned:

Search Engine Roundtable:

Rusty Brick:


On chatGPT, I don't remember a time in the world of search where or a recent time, maybe the past 12 or 13 years, when things were so exciting. –Loren Baker, 12:04

I think, seeing how Google launches its version. I think it's going to surprise a lot of people. I think people are going to be wowed as much. It will be interesting to see how Bing adapts. It's fun to watch how things change things on a day-to-day basis. It's a super exciting time to be in. –Barry Schwartz, 13:49

If Apple were to launch a Siri AI, then that could be a massive game changer, and that's the one challenge I see with Microsoft. They have it with Teams on the B2B side, and maybe that's where they want to keep it. They have it on the desktop but don't have it in people's pockets and where people are. So maybe it will be a B2C versus B2B-oriented play. –Loren Baker, 23:40


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Barry Schwartz is nothing short of a search marketing powerhouse, offering valuable insights and analysis on advanced search engine topics through his popular blog Search Engine Roundtable. 

Barry also owns RustyBrick, a New York web design and development firm specializing in custom online technology.

Individuals across the globe trust him as an authoritative source in SEM with extensive experience in business development and custom web software engineering - you name it! 

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