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The Search Engine Journal Show

Apr 29, 2021

How does affiliate marketing tie in to SEO? More than you'd think. Google algorithm updates have led to mega affiliates and their listices ranking higher than ever. How do you get your product or service in the mix?

Adam Riemer joins Loren Baker to discuss affiliate marketing, the state of the affiliate industry and...

Apr 27, 2021

Loren Baker hosts Navah Hopkins, host of SEJ's Ask a PPC column and Director of Paid Media at JustUno. Expect Loren & Navah to dive into remarketing, tracking ROI and other questions & answers coming from the SEJ Show audience.

Apr 14, 2021

We have heard for years that Chatbots are the future and although we have seen some significant progress in the concept and application, they are still impersonal and not as helpful as we had hoped they would be. Dr. Michelle Zhou, co-founder and CEO of Juji, Inc, as well as inventor of IBM Watson Personality Insights,...

Apr 7, 2021

Looking for great ad opportunities on social networks other than Facebook? Learn all about the targeting options, ad placements, best practices, and caveats within Pinterest, Snap & TikTok.