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The Search Engine Journal Show

Jul 14, 2023

How do you prepare your social and marketing team for AI? There are a ton of AI tools out there, but not all of them are useful.

Jamie Gilpin, CMO at Sprout Social, joined me on the SEJ Show to talk social, search, and how AI can play a bigger part in your strategy.

Gain valuable insight into virality, social...

Jun 9, 2023

Get ready to unlock the secrets behind successful – and SAFE – advertising as we dive deep into the world of ads policy with a true industry expert. 

Alejandro Borgia, Google’s Director of Product Management, Ads Safety, joins me on the SEJShow to decode ad policy, setting the record straight on common myths in...

May 12, 2023

Networking is one of the best parts of any conference. But, the bigger events might not give you the best opportunity to improve your skills and expand your network as much as you would like.

Smaller-scale events and masterminds can provide unique benefits with more intimate networking opportunities, personalized...