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The Search Engine Journal Show

Oct 31, 2022

Can programmatic be transparent and value-driven, given the deprecation of third-party cookies? Absolutely. 

Rajeev Goel, Co-founder and CEO of PubMatic, joins me on the SEJShow to talk about the future of programmatic. 

You can expect to hear critical insights on Google's open bidding, ID services, how AI can play a future role, bidding after cookies, CTV, trends, and more.


Header bidding came to exist in the first place because publishers felt they were not getting a fair auction inside the Google Ad Tech stack. So header bidding was designed to open up that auction process and bring transparent participants. –Rajeev Goel, 25:28

What header bidding did was that it allow publishers to work with multiple monetization platforms. –Rajeev Goel, 4:06

There's a massive shift in consumer behavior that's driving where the ad dollar growth is. The change in consumer behavior is towards much more online video than the Internet. It's also towards connected TV and streaming. –Rajeev Goel, 29:52


[00:00] - About Rajeev Goel & PubMatic

[03:03] - What is header bidding?

[08:06] - The future of header bidding with third-party cookies is going away.

[12:20] - Do identity solutions do a better job than third-party cookies?

[14:49] - The shift toward more direct deals

[17:32] ​- How AI helps with programmatic advertising.

[18:10] - About modeled cohorts advertising.

[21:10] - What is Google open bidding & why its controversial?

[27:39] - All about CTV.

[36:36] - Walled gardens vs. Open Internet.

[41:04] - Opportunities & challenges in brand advertising vs. performance campaigns.


Resources mentioned:

PubMatic -

Identity Hub - 

Header bidding is now ubiquitous across the industry, more competition for your ad space leads to more revenue, and we think that's great for publishers. That allows people to do what you're

doing right now and reinvest into content that you know your consumers love. –Rajeev Goel, 7:22

Near term, we are seeing that there is a shift toward more direct deals.  –Rajeev Goel, 15:25

Consumers want transparency. They want to know that, in an auction environment, there's a level playing field. –Rajeev Goel, 24:58


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Connect with Rajeev Goel:  

Rajeev strongly believes in technology's power to solve problems and improve people's lives. This conviction has driven him to build PubMatic into one of the world's leading software companies serving the digital media industry. Under his leadership, PubMatic has grown from a small startup to a publicly traded enterprise with more than 600 employees and 14 offices worldwide.

In addition to co-founding and serving as its VP Of Technology, he held marketing director positions at SAP. His experience navigating large companies and bringing innovative products that drive business growth makes him a true technology visionary.

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