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The Search Engine Journal Show

May 18, 2023

You know how the world of SEO is constantly changing. And staying on top of things and making the most of your skills is essential. 

That's what we're all about here at the SEJShow - finding fantastic new business models and strategies that help you shine as an SEO consultant. 

Roland Frasier joins me in today's show to dive into alternative methods that could change your consulting game, giving you even more rewards for all that hard work you put into client and partner projects. 

So, strap in, and let's jump off that old SEO hamster wheel to uncover some exciting SEO consulting opportunities!


If you're entrepreneurial, it makes sense to think about possibly getting something more permanent for your time. –Roland Frasier, 03:40

What I found to be most effective is to say you've got knowledge, skills, experience, and connections that add tremendous value to businesses, so you have a choice: You can get a short-term income and a flat fee, get paid by the hour, and even get in the middle of a revenue share. But when that stops, it stops. A way around that is to come in and add value to the business. The value you bring to the company should be compensated by participating in the ongoing profits or equity of the business...That's the concept: how do you turn your effort into equity? –Roland Frasier, 05:12

After so many years in marketing, I don't consider myself just an SEO. I'm typically brought in to do SEO Consulting and help on that side. The next thing I know, there's a new brand launching, so I'm looking at opportunities for brand messaging, looking at the product before it comes out, and involved with that this and that. –Loren Baker, 13:03


[00:00] - About Roland.

[07:01] - What consultants should look for when they want to have equity in a company.

[12:55] - How to avoid “over consulting” and earn based on the value provided beyond SEO?

[20:45] - How to yourself as proving more than just SEO.

[23:20] - How to start consulting for equity.

[32:55] - What is a Fractional CMO?

[41:30] - The mindset that leads to a better quality of life.

Resources mentioned:

Epic Network -

The Business Lunch Podcast-


I'm going to look at where I can have a significant impact. I'm going to say if the lift that I can add to this company is something that I think will move the needle for them, then I believe it’s an appropriate conversation. –Roland Frasier, 9:40

They will put you in that box if you come in as an SEO, so how you brand and present are essential. I'd position myself as a strategist as opposed to an SEO-only. The fact that SEO is one of the things that you do is significant. It might be the main thing that you do. But having even alliances with other people that can provide the additional services is an intelligent way to go because if you come in as growth, you know that the company is going to value you more than if you come in as a component or sub-component of development. –Roland Frasier, 15:01

People might think that it's not possible to have you as a partner. It might not occur to them, but they might believe you're so far beyond that it's not even an option. So by telling them in advance that this is an option having them put skin in the game by having them show that they believe in you and that they're willing to invest in themselves is crucial in making this work. –Roland Frasier, 20:00


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Roland Frasier stands out in the world of ambitious investments and building strategies. With over 1000 acquisitions, exits, real estate portfolios, and more under his belt for himself and his clients, he knows what it takes to succeed in business! 

As a principal of 6 Inc.'s fastest growing companies plus an advisor at Stanford University –Roland is making waves with some hefty credentials. Not only has this savvy investor been featured on all major news networks but Business Insider, Fast Company, Forbes & Entrepreneur are singing praises too! 

And if that isn't enough star power...he even interviewed Sir Richard Branson AND Magic Johnson, so you know something good must be cooking up around him - like his award-winning podcast, 'Business Lunch.'

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