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The Search Engine Journal Show

May 31, 2022

So, you want to promote your products online. Are you ready?

Google Merchant Center is the future of ecommerce when it comes to both PPC AND SEO (including local). It is the first step to launching Shopping Ad campaigns for your products.

In this episode, Duane Brown joined me to talk about Merchant Center, its data,...

May 27, 2022

Constantly looking for ways to optimize your ad spend? Dreaming of a high-ROI paid advertising future? We’ve got great news — The future is now. 

Big changes are on the horizon, and we know how to amplify your ad potential into high-quality leads. 

John Lee, Microsoft Ads’ Head of Evangelism at Microsoft, joined...

May 20, 2022

SEJ is thrilled to announce that Amanda Zantal-Wiener is our Editor-In-Chief! 

This is a newly created role focused heavily on leadership and strategy. Amanda will be overseeing the entire editorial team and guiding us into our exciting future.

Amanda joined me to talk about her new role, content strategy, leadership,...

May 12, 2022

Can't you just call Google and tell them we want to be on the first page? 

We just changed keyword strategies last week. Where is our uptick in traffic? 

I've just read an article that says we should do x, y, z, and now I'm the expert. Sound familiar? 

Whether you're at an SEO agency or in-house, it can feel challenging...

May 2, 2022

Google is always looking for ways to push the limits and make its search engine more intelligent. 

Dr. Pete Meyers from Moz joined me to talk about how you can optimize your site to better represent itself within Google's search results, including title tags, featured snippets, indented results, and other Google SERP...