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The Search Engine Journal Show

Oct 6, 2022

In content marketing, trust is the most critical factor. But with all the updates happening now, will this still hold, and will content marketing die off soon?

Vitor Peçanha. the CMO and co-founder of Rock Content, joined me on the SEJShow to discuss the future of content marketing. 

We talked about the importance of branding in trusted content (for even zero-click searches), the "death" of content marketing, and the challenges and opportunities of building a global content marketing company.


Content marketing today, it's like going back to our roots and saying hey, you need to generate value. It would help to recognize that brand awareness so people will remember you. That brand recall, the positive perceptions of your brain, that's emotion. So instead of saying, "Hey, here's a lot of ads," we will build all this by attracting people with excellent content. So it's the same cruise as before with the new channels, formats, and measuring methods.–Vitor Peçanha, 48:03

SEO has a straightforward response marketing mindset. People say that an ad served but not clicked is branding. With PR, if you get an article in the New York Times or Forbes that discusses your brand, but it doesn't link to you, I think a link builder or an outreach person might be upset, but that's a win. That's a branded win.–Loren Baker, 35:47

Branding is a tough thing to measure. It's something that for the last, I would say, 15 years. When you think about branding and how it is in content marketing, we have to explain that it's not only demand generation, last click, and exact attribution. You're building a huge asset, and you win the game when people are looking for your brand. –Vitor Peçanha, 43:30


[00:00] - About Vitor & Rock Content’s mission

[04:23] - Rock Content’s acquisitions.

[07:48] - Learnings in acquiring businesses.

[15:15] - How was the Helpful Content update for Vitor?

[23:54] - How important is content planning for outreach?

[36:39] - How marketers can identify branding wins.

[44:06] - One of Vito's best successes in Brazil.

[46:12] - What is share of search?

[52:20] - How to optimize blogs in 2023.


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If you acquire a company, you're not acquiring only the revenue; you're not acquiring only their market share., you're acquiring their culture and their team. –Vitor Peçanha, 8:32

When we think about the customer journey, I like to say; ideally, you have to take people to your media and domains continuously. –Loren Baker, 24:39

The important thing here is to broaden your scope and think about content and SEO from a minimal perspective if there is no link, but there's also no value. You got to believe I'm building an online presence and reputation. If I can make people go to my website because I managed to introduce a new concept, that's a great strategy.–Vitor Peçanha, 33:17

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Bringing global brands to new heights is what Vitor does best. He is an international speaker and one of the founders of Rock Content. A world-renowned leader in content marketing, Rock Content helps businesses grow their brands and drive revenue.  

Vitor's leadership helped Rock Content grow from a small start-up in Brazil to an international powerhouse. Their global expansion strategy was significant for their success, which saw them invest heavily in new acquisitions.

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