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The Search Engine Journal Show

Apr 24, 2023

AI Revolutionizes SEO: Unveiling IndexNow Updates and Bing Strategies

We know you're wondering: What does SEO look like for the new Bing? Can you use AI for SEO? We're curious, too. 

Fabrice Canel, Principal Program Manager for Microsoft Bing, joins me on the SEJShow to share insights and answer your questions. We'll dive into the latest advancements in 

AI and their potential impact on SEO strategies and discuss recent updates to the IndexNow protocol and how it's transforming the search landscape. 

Take advantage of this opportunity to learn from an industry expert and discover the future of search engine optimization on Bing.


Open AI investment for Microsoft is not recent. Microsoft has invested in Open AI for a few years already. For years, there has been a lot of investment in leveraging AI at Microsoft and Bing and liberating machine learning. We are purely machine learning based, trying to satisfy the user. –Fabrice Canel, 04:39

When people enter the search chat experience, this is about refining the queries and results to satisfy the user. The Bing experience is really about redirecting a customer to a site that somebody has published. This is all about finding the best content and clicking to find this content online and clicking this link where people can transact. –Fabrice Canel, 11:18

When you navigate a site, you can use the chat experience to learn about the site or summarize information about this page. The chat can help you generate an email, LinkedIn posts, Twitter, etc. This experience is not only available within This is also moving across Microsoft products. You will see this also in Skype and directly integrated into Windows. –Fabrice Canel, 13:39


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Bing Webmaster Guidelines -

Edge Browser -


[00:01] - About Fabrice.

[00:59] - The new Bing & the technology it powers.

[03:35] - How does Bing use ChatGPT & Open AI technology?

[05:32] - What is the Prometheus language model?

[07:41] - How citations work in ChatGPT-powered Bing search results.

[12:41] - What can you do with Bing Co-Pilot in Microsoft Edge?

[18:03] - What AI integrations is Bing working on for small and local businesses?

[20:26] - How to use ChatGPT-powered Bing Search - Help planning a trip to London.

[23:01] - What has Bing learned since launching ChatGPT-powered search? 

[25:24] - How to generate an image with DALL-E in the Edge browser.

[26:56] - How does Bing view AI-generated content?

[30:11] - What is IndexNow & how can SEO professionals use it?

[34:53] - How long does it take to get indexed by Bing?

[36:15] - What’s Bing working on next?

[38:20] - What should you do with the other URLs listed as sitemaps in Bing Webmaster Tools?


I love the guerilla warfare aspect of this, the ability to introduce this new being chat experience in products and services that have been seated and are used by individuals daily. So when you bring up things like Skype, you know it doesn't necessarily mean that you have to download Bing, or someone does not necessarily have to be a Bing fan to get into this. Skype is a lifestyle tool. It's a chat tool. It's a communication tool. Teams obviously on the B2B side skyrocketed in the past couple of years. There are so many SharePoint or default Microsoft products that are utilized daily. –Loren Baker, 15:56

Sometimes you want to interact with an experience that will offer the ability to learn more, refine your query, and improve your question to find stuff online. So we enabled this experience beyond web links. Meaning that you can also find images, you can also find local, you can also find advertising, and you can all find all these things assuming they are relevant. So you will see a profound experience in chat that is more than a text search. –Fabrice Canel, 18:21

If you're utilizing IndexNow, it should be more or less instantaneous or nearly instantaneous for new content. We are scaling variabilities, and in the following weeks, you will see this content indexed in seconds. Some very large websites have already adopted IndexNow. We are encouraging everybody to embrace and explore because SEOs want to be in control. –Fabrice Canel, 34:43


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Fabrice Canel is part of Microsoft's most exhilarating team: Bing, where AI plays a crucial role in shaping the future of search. Every day, hundreds of billions of new pages emerge on the web, and an equal number of existing pages are updated with fresh content.

The challenge of indexing and crawling the web demands a large-scale, distributed approach emphasizing speed, accuracy, and thoroughness, all AI enhances. With an impressive 24-year tenure at Microsoft, Fabrice takes excellent pleasure in tackling this fascinating endeavor.

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