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The Search Engine Journal Show

Feb 4, 2022

2022 is here and so is the era of machine-influenced SEO. 

With so many new algorithm changes, futuristic “AI” theories, and the importance of user intent pulling at your attention, how do you know what to focus your energies on? 

What strategies will help you dominate on the SERPs and earn more revenue in 2022? 

Miranda Miller, Managing Editor at Search Engine Journal, joins me on the SEJ Show to help give you a clear north star into SEO for 2022. 

In this podcast, you’ll discover the top trends as well as gain valuable insights from our ebook that tapped into 44 of our industry's top SEO professionals.

The generation that grew up with the internet, digital natives, are looking for change, they're looking for something that's different from the status quo. –Loren Baker. 10:08

It’s super important to make sure that the information you're relying on to formulate your own strategy is credible.  It changes quickly, so make sure you're not going off something that happened five years ago. I think we're only going to see that pace of change speed up this year, so keep your ongoing learning sharp.–Miranda Miller, 50:03

The one thing I always tell people about SEO is you have to be on top of trends, you have to be on top of things that are new, you just have to stay ahead of the curve.–Loren Baker, 50:20

[00:00] - About Miranda’s background in SEO.

[04:47] - How did SEJ find the contributors for SEO Trends 2022?

[06:00] - What are the SEO tactics to throw out in 2022?

[08:53] - IndexNow: An important topic to look out for.

[15:38] - Trend: EAT and quality content.

[19:42] - Is EAT an extension of the Google Authorship Program?

[23:15] - Can you have content quality without EAT?

[24:00] - Will human SEOs be replaced by AI?

[27:06] - Practical examples of using AI.

[29:43] - All about visual content, images, and the need to be original.

[40:55] - What will MUM bring us this year?

[49:32] - Other trends to keep an eye on.


Resources mentioned:

SEO Trends Ebook

How To Use Python For IndexNow API Bulk Indexing & Automation

Ranking Factors Ebook

There's so much content on the web now that the bar is high, like average is not good enough anymore. So if you're creating average content, you're gonna get average ranking – someone's doing better than you.–Miranda Miller, 20:32

We're on the verge of going from predominantly one search engine to many search engines. It just feels that way. And we're at a time of change right now – with things like crypto, the metaverse, web three, I haven't seen this much excitement since the late 90s.–Loren Baker, 9:32 

I think one thing that Google has done over the past couple of years, which has been fantastic with their updates, especially your money, your life, or your health-oriented updates, is making sure that the information that people are reading is coming from a credible source.–Loren Baker, 18:21


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Connect with Miranda Miller:  

Miranda is a talented writer, editor, and marketer with over 15 years of experience in the digital space. Her passion lies in the planning and execution of engaging content for SMBs as well as enterprise-level organizations looking to reach out into their communities through content.

SEJ is lucky to have such a passionate and dedicated Managing Editor in Miranda Miller. She's made it her life’s work, not only working as an entrepreneur but also raising children while traveling around on occasion!

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