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The Search Engine Journal Show

Dec 21, 2021

Want to improve your video SEO strategy so your videos rank better? Video is hot right now, and the competition is steep.  

That’s why you’ll want to watch this recent live show with Paul Andre de Vera, Search Marketing Global Lead at Workday and founder of the SEO Video Show. Paul and our Founder, Loren Baker, are talking about ways to optimize your video SEO strategy for higher rankings!

It’s never been more important to treat your YouTube channel like a website that you optimize for SEO.

This episode is filled with tips and insights into how SEO blends with YouTube, and how to grow your YouTube presence.


In my research, I found that it takes about 16 months for someone to reach 1,000 subscribers and get monetization. That 4,000 hours, I was able to get that within about six months. –Paul Andre de Vera, 42:48

You can learn by teaching, you can learn by researching, and then you can learn by interviewing others as I do on my show. I can pick the brains of all the SEO professionals there. It is one of those things where I can increase my knowledge by having great conversations with people. –Paul Andre de Vera, 3:08

Sometimes, we think a lot more about sales than we do retention in marketing. Retention and engagement are what bring future growth. So hitting that base, letting them in like, "Hey, you're VIPs!" and you can see this ahead of time lets everyone else feel special by doing so.–Loren Baker, 27:22


[00:01] - How Dre got into SEO & what motivated him to launch his own YouTube show.

[09:39] - Where Andre gets ideas for his show.

[11:21] - How to deal with content burnout.

[12:28] - How to keep content fresh.

[14:19] - Where Andre gets inspiration from.

[16:43] - Do user signals help you grow your channel?

[17:57] - How to use SEO to establish your channel.

[19:26] - How to rank your videos.

[32:36] - How Andre expands his audience.

[34:31] - How to be unique on YouTube.

[37:04] - Why you should put hashtags in the title and description.

[39:43] - The essential entities to tie together.

[41:04] - A knowledge bomb for YouTube keyword research.

[42:19] - Other video promotion strategies for those starting a channel from scratch.

[44:54] - How regionally targeted is YouTube?

[48:55] - Does Andre split test on YouTube?

[50:28] - The importance of thumbnails.

[52:04] - How to train the YouTube algorithm.


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The audience is what keeps me coming back. Being stuck at home was one of those things where it became therapy.–Paul Andre de Vera, 30:04

So many times in advertising and marketing, we hear people saying new audience, new users, new sales, and bypassing the power of targeting your audience. –Loren Baker, 26:59

Grow your channel on the same platform that you're on. For example, give me a podcast guest if you have a podcast. If you have a YouTube channel, engage with other YouTube channels so you can bring that crowd quickly to your channel. –Paul Andre de Vera, 04:39


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Through his two YouTube channels, SEO Video Show and DRE TV, Andre combines the best of both worlds in SEO and YouTube. He has a diverse background, having worked for 15 years in SEO, and he is also currently specializing in personal branding and public speaking. He balances his work as a digital marketing consultant with his full-time role as Workday's Search Marketing Global Lead.

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