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The Search Engine Journal Show

Mar 14, 2022

We know — bounce rates and marketing analytics can be confusing. 

You're getting tons of traffic, but you feel like your bounce rate is high. 

What should your bounce rate be? What's a good bounce rate for your industry? 

In 2022, the answer lies within your business model. 

Kayle Larkin, a Data-driven SEM Strategist at Larkin SEO, joined me on the SEJ Show to discuss breaking out of the comparative mindset and learning your actual best bounce rate. 

You'll learn what's needed to truly improve your business' growth.


You need to ensure your Google Analytics is implemented and set up correctly for bounce rate to tell you anything.–Kayle Larkin, 11:06

We should get used to GA4 because it's here to stay…We shouldn't be afraid of GA4, we might be in our comfort zone in universal analytics, but we should still check out GA4.–Loren Baker, 19:04, 37:22

If you're seeing super high bounce rates and do not have page scrolls, you may want to consider whether or not that information is appropriate for your audience.–Kayle Larkin, 13:59


[00:00] - About Kayle.

[04:23] - How practical is it to focus on your data instead of competition?

[07:06] - Where else can content be helpful when using data for content strategy?

[08:41] - What exactly is bounce rate?

[10:35] - How can data be used to create smart SEO decisions?

[12:56] - Examples of how bounce rate can reflect business objectives.

[15:27] - How to figure out direct traffic.

[17:04] - Is bounce rate part of GA4?

[20:22] - Should bounce rate always get paired with session duration?

[22:22] - What are good bounce rates per industry?

[24:42] - Bounce rate vs exit rate.

[26:23] - What else should you track?

[29:35] - Common mistakes & misconceptions when it comes to analytics.

[33:11] - Other key changes in Google Analytics.

[36:05] - What is life cycle reporting, and how is it valuable?

[40:58] - Is there a way to track keywords in Google Analytics?

[44:56] - Do people use anything outside of Google Analytics?


Resources mentioned:

Analytics in Minutes:


A company should own and set up its analytics account and not rely on its marketing companies to own that.–Kayle Larkin, 2:40

In my opinion, I would rather know users and what they're doing on the site rather than visits or sessions.–Kayle Larkin, 34:45

If you can tag it, then you can track it.–Loren Baker, 26:01


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Connect with Kayle Larkin

Kayle is the "legit" Analytics + SEM consultant for B2B and eCom companies worldwide and made GA's "Women in Analytics" list for 2020.

She has written guides on using Google Analytics to build profitable marketing campaigns on Search Engine Journal and Ahrefs. Her guides have also been shared on Twitter and LinkedIn by Google Analytics. 

It is a joy for her to work with people and make analytics straightforward and accessible for every marketer.

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