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The Search Engine Journal Show

Jun 23, 2023

ChatGPT and other Large Language Models (LLMs) are seemingly everywhere, and it's crucial to learn what's possible with them while acknowledging their flaws. After all, do LLMs have their intelligence? Is ChatGPT ready for “prime time,” or is it merely a toy that can lead to fake and error-laden stories? 

President of Pilot Holding, Eric Enge, joined me on the SEJShow to share the truth behind the prevailing myths surrounding the generative AI landscape and how to succeed with the tools instead. 

Discover the problems arising from placing too much trust in generative AI. You'll also find out what is possible and how to use it in your business best while avoiding the common mistakes associated with LLMs.


We must remember that the real problem is that this stuff is trained on the open internet. We have all the world's information on the web, and that's great, but we also have all the world's disinformation on the web and a lot of overtly intended misinformation. –Eric Enge,41:18

Anybody who thinks SEO is going away because of this doesn't understand SEO. As long as people want to search for and find things, and as long as there are tools to help people search for and find things, there will be SEO, end of story. –Eric Enge, 32:48

We're not at the point where this will supplant humans in all things. But we are at a point where we've developed a really interesting tool that can be used constructively and creatively in many different ways.–Eric Enge, 37:38


[00:00] - Introduction to Eric

[04:21] - AI’s current and future role in search & opportunities

[09:36] - Effects of incorrect information on different Internet users

[14:13] - Error reporting to Google: Best practices

[15:25] - Preparing ecommerce sites for AI-enhanced search

[21:02] - The role of content in local search results

[23:52] - Evaluation of Google's source selection for search results

[28:23] - Impact of Google's result integration on clicks and conversions

[31:48] - Importance of brand visibility in search results

[33:14] - Misunderstandings about AI's influence on search results

[37:40] - Outlook on the future of ai systems

[38:29] - Recent advancements in ai-generated output accuracy

[41:18] - Web disinformation issues and their effect on ai models

[44:22] - Strategies for ai-optimized business content

[46:55] - AI's potential impact on online content credibility

[48:33] - Importance of experts in enhancing ai-generated content

[50:19] - Google's approach to evaluating content trustworthiness

[51:49] - Insights on AI's role in future content generation and SEO


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Pilot Holding:


Right now, we have this massive paradigm shift or the preparation for the shift. We're definitely in the infant stages. Most of us SEOs have Google SGE running on our browsers. We're doing queries daily. We're getting scared or anxious every time we do a query. Now we're seeing an article appear before the typical organic results. We must keep reminding ourselves that we are beta-testing this at the moment. And this is a tricky thing to do sometimes when every time you search, you see everything pushed down. Google trying to answer what may not even be a question-oriented query with a relatively long piece of content. –Loren Baker, 04:21

The easiest way to get started is to take a page on your site, feed it into the model, give it the search query you want it to rank for, and ask it what changes you need to make to improve your chances of ranking on that or what content gaps you need to fill. –Eric Enge,44:22

Over time, E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness) is going to become more important. Google will place a lot of weight on looking for subject matter experts, fact-checking, and a strong staff of experts owning the content. –Eric Enge, 48:22


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Eric Enge is an award-winning professional and co-founder of Pilot Holding, specializing in executive consulting for SEO, content marketing, digital marketing, and finance. He founded Stone Temple Consulting, later acquired by Perficient, where he served as General Manager and Principal in the Digital Marketing team.

Eric's expertise spans digital marketing strategy, SEO, content marketing, paid search, conversion rate optimization, social media, web analytics, and marketing automation. He excels in guiding businesses toward their next stage of growth.

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