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The Search Engine Journal Show

Apr 21, 2023

Privacy laws and best practices are ever-evolving, just like everything else in marketing. 

How do you ensure your organization is compliant and keep your customer's best interest in mind? 

Lucas Long, Director of Privacy Strategy at InfoTrust, and co-author of the new Amazon Best-Selling book, "Becoming a Privacy-Centric Marketing Organization" joins me on the SEJ Show for a privacy-focused podcast.

Gain insights on the three pillars of privacy that every marketing should consider and what steps you need to take now. 


When we start talking about consumer expectations and we start talking about compliance, it becomes very complicated in large organizations that are working across different countries. You have other things like GDPR and EPRI in Europe versus all the state laws in the United States. There are various restrictions for how you can use an identity service, how you can identify users, and for those users that you can identify, even what activities and what data you can start to leverage for any advertising activity. –Lucas Long, 02:13

Traditionally, third-party cookies have played a significant role...Those are ultimately going away by the end of next year once Chrome deprecates support. So how we have to identify those users and associated information together is the core of what's changing right now. –Lucas Long, 06:14

The only way to identify a user across different locations is if there is some persistent identifier. Typically in the form of an email or a login, so that's really where it starts. And then it gets into that first-party ownership for that first-party data, collecting the correct information on each of those different properties, integrating it so that we can then have that more centralized view and be able to take various actions for that consumer –Lucas Long, 07:16


[00:00] - About Lucas Long.

[01:37] - ID-oriented data and targeting in multiple brands & regions.

[03:26] - Industries Lucas specializes in.

[04:13] - Ecommerce challenges with cross-country targeting.

[07:16] - Core pillars of privacy-centric marketing.

[08:34] - Other ID touchpoints available.

[14:58] - Other options for additional data sources.

[16:21] - What is server-side tag management?

[19:21] - Can companies access more data from loyalty programs?

[23:09] - How the book launch has been for marketing.


Resources Mentioned:

Book: Becoming a Privacy-Centric Marketing Organization (Crawl, Walk, Run)


Tag Inspector:


I want to make it easy for my consumers to do what they want on the website. And that's where interoperability comes in...develop that brand relationship with the individual and get that persistent identifier yourself. That would be a login. Many organizations are starting to have email as a part of the checkout process, with a much larger focus on loyalty programs, rewards programs, and discounts. –Lucas Long, 11:23

One core focus of many different regulations, and even being privacy-centric in general, is the concept of data minimization. So, thinking through a particular use case, what minimum user data is necessary to accomplish that use case? And then designing your data collection strategies and everything really from there. –Lucas Long, 21:12


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Connect With Lucas Long:

Lucas is a dynamic professional who brings incredible skills and experience to the InfoTrust team! With extensive sales, marketing strategy, and analytics knowledge – not to mention his successful implementation record for tag architecture with significant corporations – he sure brings fresh insight into SaaS offerings. 

He is also Google Analytics Certified, making him an invaluable asset when it comes time for web analysis and tag management strategies.

His passion for introducing businesses to his company's fantastic suite of analysis products and educating them on user behavior has allowed him to forge excellent relationships with some of the world's leading agencies and enterprises. He's truly making a difference!

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