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The Search Engine Journal Show

Aug 22, 2022

PPC is one of the most potent ways to reach your target market. However, knowing which approach is best can be challenging with so many changes in how people consume information. 

From opportunities in Google Shopping + Google Local to the challenges with ecommerce supply chain issues & customer expectations, Kirk Williams joins me for a PPC discussion on ecommerce and beyond.

The show provides you with some invaluable insights into PPC, regardless of whether you are just starting or looking for new ideas.


I think we're looking at another unprecedented season. I say that somewhat sarcastically because, you know, okay, we had the covid, we had like the covid rebound, we had, you know, just everything that's been upset in the last few years. 

Now, all of a sudden, we are increasingly looking at a potential consumer buying hesitancy period. As a result, we could be in for some consumer credit card debt that has been highest since the 90s or early 2000s. 

So we're walking into the holiday season where people are already very much in credit card debt and, I think, probably with inflation and stuff. –Kirk Williams, 15:07

It's a great time to test your feed right now. The best way to optimize it would be to identify the terms people search for and land on products. Now might be a good time to update your product types if you've been putting off updating them for a while, especially if you have to migrate things. –Kirk Williams, 27:34

I don't think Apple played fair with how they started the conversation with that prompt since they weren't communicating accurately how the digital ecosystem works and the benefit of personalized ads. –Kirk Williams, 34:20

[00:00] - Introduction to Kirk

[03:58] - How important is video in PPC?

[07:09] - What Kirk focuses on with Zeto.

[10:06] - Benefits of working with a micro agency.

[14:06] - Holiday season PPC in ecommerce: exciting things to watch.

[19:34] - What should your goal be this holiday season? Sell now or go for LTV?

[27:05] - What can you do now to boost shopping and local integration?

[30:48] - How privacy changes are affecting ad strategies.

[44:52] - How will you target ads if cookies go away?

[46:27] - What is the privacy sandbox?

[53:02] - Kirk's recommendations for platforms other than Google to prepare for the holidays.

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As part of their strategy, brands need to figure out how to invest in video, so even those of us who normally do more like Google ads, which used to be more search and shopping, are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of video when it comes to ad placement as well. –Kirk Williams, 6:39

Privacy changes do impact ads. However, there is a difference between digital privacy and digital security. –Kirk Williams, 32:46

First of all, Google flocks sound very, very scary. It sounds especially compared to cookies, right? Whoever invented the word cookies or called these things a cookie is a genius because no one is scared of a cookie. –Loren Baker, 50:15


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Kirk is the PPC expert everyone should know. He runs ZATO, a micro-agency specializing in paid search, and has worked in this industry since 2009. In his podcast and book "Ponderings Of A PC Professional" and"Stop The Scale," Kirk will walk alongside readers on their way towards success as marketers, both online and off. 

PPC Hero has recognized him for six years, and he's been featured on podcasts and webinars across multiple industries to talk about his experience as an entrepreneur. Speaking about paid search advertising at conferences worldwide is one of his favorite ways to share his knowledge.

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