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The Search Engine Journal Show

Nov 21, 2021

Are you getting the most out of your PPC campaigns? 

Want to know what you should focus on in 2022? 

Jeff Ferguson, honored as one of PPC Hero's "Top 25 Most Influential PPC Experts" for three years in a row, joins Loren Baker to talk about the biggest PPC trends that can help improve your strategy.

In the coming year, businesses will no longer be able to rely on third-party tracking, which has become an industry standard over the years, requiring them to rely on first-party data.

For those of you looking for guidance on how to manage this massive change, this podcast is for you.


In 2022, things are going to be very different. It's one thing where I really think people are not fully grasping how dramatically different this is going to be when Google pulls the plug. –Jeff Ferguson, 15:14

We've been telling people already to do whatever they can on that first-party side, like start yesterday. –Jeff Ferguson, 20:09

That's really the beauty of what we do, it changes from day to day. –Loren Baker, 09:24


[00:00] - A little about Jeff.

[11:40] - What interesting changes happened in PPC this year and where is PPC going in 2022.

[17:50] - What is first-party data? How do you switch from using third-party data to first-party data?

[23:13] - Why are classic media planning styles returning?

[24:19] - How programmatic advertising gets obtrusive.

[25:10] - What can you do instead of programmatic advertising?

[28:59] - An example of disconnected retargeting.

[32:01] - Where you can use your first-party data for retargeting.

[32:45] - What PPC opportunities are there instead of Google, Microsoft & Facebook?

[39:53] - Does PPC really help with branding?

[49:26] - Do you need to be on every platform?

[56:09] - Jeff’s room, his stand-up bass, and becoming a UCLA professor.


Resources Mentioned:

PPC Trends 2022 -


The problem is we get all these new tools that are fun and they're effective and they have a place for them. We think they're doing the work but we really have to go back to old-school marketing. –Jeff Ferguson, 48:41

I'm really trying to teach people not to become digital marketers but to become marketers that use digital. –Jeff Ferguson, 63:07

I don't think that a PPC campaign started chicken sandwich wars. I think there are people on social media talking about how long the line is, and that there are pickles, and it just exploded - and now in Santa Clarita, there are three Popeyes being built. –Loren Baker, 47:51


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Search Engine Journal columnist Jeff Ferguson has uncovered many sacred cows of SEO and paid media ad mismanagement through his legendary data research.  Besides being a partner at Amplitude Digital, a digital media advertising agency based in Los Angeles, he also leads classes at UCLA Extension on Advanced Digital Marketing and Search Engine Optimization.


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